Wednesday 28 February 2018

Mr Conductor's farewell party & potentially last Engine 86 set

Mr. Conductor aka Andrew (Andy) Mawdsley
Well, time marches on and people's lives change and they choose to move on to different chapters in their lives. This is what is about to happen to our dear friend and bassist/vocalist/sound man/"conductor" Andy Mawdsley. Andy has bought a house in Bridgewater Nova Scotia and will be making a quick trip back to London in early March to pack up and go "home".

We'd be thrilled if you would join us on Sunday March 11th with 4 of the many bands that Andy has played in over the past couple of decades. The Kards, Los Bruvvas, Dr. Delaware and the Malpractice and of course Engine 86 will take the stage between 3pm and 7pm. There's no cover and it will be a pretty emotional day for many of us as we bid Andy safe travels and great times in his new home. (Road trip this summer anyone? Andy... break out the cots!!)

With Andy's move, this will leave Engine 86 without a core member for a while so this may be your last chance (ever) to see us, or at least until Chiefy figures out what direction to point the train in.

So that's Sunday March 11th, 3pm - 7pm at the Richmond Tavern. No cover. We hope to see you there!

WHOOoooooooot WHOOoooooooooooooo!