Engine 86 is a long time dream of Ian Gifford (guitar/lead vocals), a life long enthusiast of the railway. He had designs on a railway related band some years ago, as he already had a large repertoire of train songs in his solo sets. Upon finding out that a friend was doing the same kind of project (which apparently only played one show), Ian tucked it away for another day. A decade later and some research and wood shedding and Engine 86 is ridin' on down the line! He's got the cap and coveralls and in them becomes “Chief E”.

So now “Chief E” is joined by long time collaborator Andy Mawdsley aka “Mr. Conductor” (the Sweet Back Papas, 2 Dollar Bill and his Bad Pennies) and he plays bass and sings. Also along for the ride are "Hobo Jim" James Cummins on Mandolin and Guitar plus "Fireman Jon" Davis on drums. 

A typical Engine 86 set rolls right through all the roots styles with folk, rock, blues, country and jazz by artists like Johnny Cash, Fred Eaglesmith, Tom Waits, Bruce Cockburn, Elizabeth Cotton, Roseanne Cash and Carole King. Engine 86 wants to leave their audience feeling like they are disembarking an epic train run over mountains and river bridges with stories of ghost trains, runaways, hobos and tramps swirling through their minds.

We hope you'll come ride along with us sometime soon. WHOOOT WHOOOOO!