Tuesday 25 August 2015

Engine 86 is officially on the tracks!

Chief E

Well, we have 4 shows under our belt now including the most fun Sunday gig ever where we got to play 2 sets in 2 different cities! We started Aug 23rd at the Iron Horse Festival in St Thomas and then spent the afternoon at the fabulous Back to the Garden festival in Dorchester. Both locations were amazing and they all treated us very well. Thanks to Paul Corriveau, Rebekah & Jeff Ryersee, Pete Denomme, Brent Jones and all the sound crews that got our whistles and whoooot whoooos out to the masses. Thanks also to Corey Mitchell and Fil Beorchia who helped us on the drums on the respective gigs. Great job keepin' the train a rollin' fellas!
Mr. Conductor

Our Next show is Saturday September 12th at the St Regis tavern on Dundas in London. It's 2 days after Chief E's birthday so it's gonna be a fun celebration. It'll be a pass the hat show with a sweets raffle. We hope you come to visit, the only presents Chief E would like is your presence! And maybe a cold bottle of 50 ;-) Whooot Whooo-ing can be thirsty work! Joining us will be our special guest James Cummins of the Heart Aches String Band on mandolin and guitar.

Thanks to MsMediaFrenzy (aka Melissa Parrott) for capturing the photos from the Back to the Garden festival. If anyone else got pictures and/or video of any of our sets, we'd love for you to share them with us.

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